Chris Montasser | Senior Vice President


Professional Experience


A graduate of a Texas Tech University's Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering, Chris began his career as a practicing engineer. After working as a Civil Design Engineer, Chris made the move to construction management, joining McRight-Smith in 2014, where he draws upon both his past experiences and deep knowledge of all facets of the company’s business to effectively manage all portions of projects from concept through design and cost contracting.



Chris is responsible for overseeing the vitally important 

pre-construction aspects of Project Management while also playing an active role with the Business Development Team.  Chris takes part in client meetings during the early phases of design in order to effectively evaluate and set the project's budget and scheduling goals, regardless of the project delivery method (i.e., Construction Management, Design/Build, etc.).

This coordination in the early phases of the project ensures that realistic goals are set, and projects always come in on time and on budget.  Additionally, Chris assists with the development of corporate goals and strategies, and is a key component partner in implementing those strategies.


Texas Tech University - B.S., Civil Engineering